9STAR unveils Fully-Managed, Cloud-Hosted, SAML2 Gateway Service for SaaS Vendors and Content Publishers.

ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service Minimizes App Downtime, Simplifies Use, and Maximizes Reliability.

Austin, Texas, USA, Dec 2018 – 9STAR, a rapidly growing leading provider of enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management software solutions,today unveiled a fully-managed, cloud-hosted, SAML2 gateway service, ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy.  The new service acts as a gateway between SAML2 Service Providers (SP) which are typically SaaS Vendors and Content Publishers, and their client’s SAML2 Identity Provider (IDP).

ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service can be used by SaaS developers, SaaS vendors and MSPs who want to minimize downtime and disruptions associated with integration of new clients that require SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for secure access to the SaaS App. ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy can also be integrated with any Shibboleth Identity Federation.

Instead of constantly changing and testing SAML SP configurations with each client access integration, a SaaS vendor now only need to connect their App (SAML SP) just once to the Elastic SSO Cloud Proxy Service.  The enterprise clients of SaaS vendor can simply connect their SAML Identity Providers to ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy.  The SaaS App still has complete access to user and client information that is needed for access management and control.  9STAR’s new proxy service thus acts as an intermediary between the SaaS App and their client’s SAML Identity Provider.

“An Exceptional Service”

“ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service provides SaaS developers, SaaS vendors and MSPs with simplified and easy-to-use service and delivers minimized downtimes and maximized reliability,” said 9STAR’s President, Vinay Kumar.  We’re quite proud to offer this exceptional service.

“ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service gave our software team the ability to stay focused on our core competency of providing great App experience to our customers, without worrying about complexities of SAML and SSO authentication”, said David Minor, President of Career Dimensions, Inc. ElasticSSO Proxy Services reduced our App’s downtime, disruptions and delays while enhancing security and access controls four our App. We are happy with the Service and would recommend this to any SaaS App vendor.

ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service’s key features:


This fully-managed service is designed for the cloud. It is hosted and integrated with the Amazon AWS cloud service and available in all regions of the world. 9STAR can locally host the service in SaaS vendor’s region of choice.


9STAR provides 24×7 customer service with a 99.9% uptime service-level agreement (SLA).


Maximize your App’s uptime and reliability by connecting the SaaS App (SAML SP) with ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy service. 9STAR takes care of all SAML SSO complexities with respect to on-boarding SaaS vendors client via SAML SSO authentication. This reduces App downtime, disruptions and delays.


About 9STAR
9STAR is a rapidly growing leading provider of enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management software solutions. The software solutions are designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and IT Managers to rapidly provision and manage IDaaS (Identity as a Service) in the cloud or on-premises. 9STAR’s software solutions are widely deployed in Education, Non-Profit, Public Sector and mid/large Enterprise markets. The company continues to lead in the marketplace by adopting open-standards in its product offerings, as well as partnering with leading MSPs and Technology Solution Providers around the world for delivering turnkey solutions and support to customers.  Please visit: https://9starinc

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