Elastic SSO Enterprise Cloud

The Elastic SSO® Enterprise Cloud Service, is an enterprise-grade, high-availability, open standards-compliant, fully-managed, cloud Identity (IAM) and Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication service.

The cloud SSO service integrates with customer’s existing enterprise Active Directory, LDAP, SQL, CAS, ADFS authentication infrastructure and provides secure federated identity and single sign-on access for their Users to SaaS and on-premises enterprise Apps.

Key Features

  • Shibboleth V3+, SAML 2.0, and CAS compliant, cloud-hosted, fully-managed IAM & SSO service.
  • Leverages customer’s existing authentication infrastructure, such as, Microsoft Active Directory, Azure AD, ADFS, LDAP, SQL, CAS, Kerberos, NTLM, SPNEGO and Windows Authentication.
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Easy to integrate with Shibboleth, SAML2 identity federations such as InCommon, UK federation, Edugate, AAF, KID, SWAMI and others.
  • Vanity URL with customizable Login UI.
  • Compatible with thousands of Shibboleth, SAML, CAS or ADFS enabled Apps.
  • Powerful, Self-Serve, Web-Based, Cloud Identity Provisioning and Management (optional).
  • Highly availability service. Load-balanced and clustered with automatic failover.
  • Fully managed by 9STAR. Continuous backup and recovery, automatic upgrades and updates, 24×7 monitoring and uptime SLA.


  • Improved Security. No more password leaks or multiple passwords. Users simply use their existing Enterprise passwords stored in Active Directory (or LDAP/SQL) for accessing all online resources.
  • Low Cost High ROI. No more IT hardware/software to purchase and manage. No in-house SSO expertise required.
  • No more Maintenance. Hassle-free Automatic Updates and Upgrades.Technology takes care of itself. The SSO cloud service is automatically updated and upgraded with no-downtime or extra-cost.
  • Compliance. Elastic SSO instances can be hosted anywhere in the the cloud in customers local region of choice so that local/regional laws apply.

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