Elastic SSO Cloud

The ElasticSSO® Cloud is an enterprise-grade, high-availability, fully-managed, cloud Identity (IAM) and Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication service.

Are you ready to migrate to ElasticSSO Cloud?
If your existing SSO technology is becoming either too expensive to maintain or too complex to manage, then you have come to the right place. ElasticSSO cloud can help you alleviate both of these issues.

Low Cost of Ownership
If you are sick of paying through your nose the exorbitant per-user prices charged by some of the vendors, then you have come to the right place. ElasticSSO Cloud reduces your IT costs and improves user satisfaction. Most customers save up to 50-75% when they switch to ElasticSSO.

No more Hassles. Zero Downtime. Reduce your IT Budgets and Costs
No more hassles of managing an IAM and SSO infrastructure on-premises. ElasticSSO cloud is an all-inclusive service that includes the product as well as premium technical support. The all-inclusive fixed fee cost of using ElasticSSO simply dwarfs the competition. This helps you realign your IT budgets to other high-priority projects.

Robust, Reliable, and Scalable
ElasticSSO is Shibboleth-based and hosted on a high-availability AWS cloud infrastructure. The modular, pluggable, and open architecture allows compatibility with the latest innovation in authentication and access management technologies such as MFA, Password-less, as well as 9,500+ 3rd party SaaS Apps.

Highly Configurable, and Customizable. Branding.
ElasticSSO is highly flexible to allow integration with your existing identity management and authentication systems. It can be easily branded with your own look and feel, logo, and URL of choice.

World-Class Post-Sales Technical Support
Our team of dedicated world-class SSO & IAM experts takes care of all of the technical issues related to the configuration, integration, migration, and management of the cloud, identity authentication, and access management. This gives you peace of mind and allows your existing IT team to focus on other high-priority projects.

Standards-based Strong Cybersecurity and Compliance
ElasticSSO is a fully open standards-compliant cybersecurity solution, more than any competitive product in the market. It natively supports Shibboleth, SAML, CAS, OIDC, ADFS, MFA, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Kerberos, Duo, SQL, OpenLDAP, AWS, Azure AD, Splunk, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Educause, InCommon Federation, and others.



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