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9STAR’s Elastic SSO® Team, is an enterprise-grade, turnkey, cloud software for self-managed hosting and management of user identities (IAM) and single sign-on (SSO) authentication. Customers can purchase directly from Amazon AWS Marketplace and add it to their own AWS account.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs), SaaS developers, and Enterprise IT administrators are now able to provision, host, and manage user identities and authentication for their users for enabling secure single sign-on (SSO) access to applications.

Local Hosting and Regional Compliance
ElasticSSO Team is easy to host and provision in the local region of choice. Your IT team hosts the ElasticSSO cloud instance in their existing AWS account. This way, you have full and exclusive control over the IAM & SSO instance –  great for security and compliance. Your IT team can self-manage ElasticSSO via the Admin dashboard.

Self-Service Automated End-User Portal. Reduce IT Helpdesk Costs
End-Users have access to the ElasticSSO dashboard for access to Apps as well as personal identity information. They can easily manage their personal information including resetting their own password. This helps reduce IT helpdesk support costs.

Easy Onboarding of Users and Apps
The easy-to-use dashboard allows easy onboarding and provisioning of Users and Apps for secure authentication and access management. Self-Service features allow end-user registration and provisioning in an automated fashion with management controls. HR/Finance teams can provision existing user data and manage it via the dashboard.

Lowest Cost Solution in the Market
ElasticSSO has been available directly from the AWS marketplace for the last 10+ years. It is the most cost-competitive solution in the market. Customers save up to 50-75% when they switch to ElasticSSO. The prices for ElasticSSO start at as low as $200 per month for a 100-user license. See the AWS marketplace for more details.

Strong Security. MFA 
ElasticSSO is pre-bundled and integrated with support for password authentication, as well as several free MFA options such as Google MFA, and Amazon MFA.

Analytics and Reporting
IT administrators have full access to analytics and reports related to user access, authentication, and events. In addition, system and identity provider logs are available that are useful in testing, troubleshooting, and continuous operation.

Highly Configurable, and Customizable. Branding.
ElasticSSO is highly flexible and can be easily branded with your own look and feel, logo, and URL of choice. Just a few simple point-and-click configurations and you are all done! No coding is required.

Improved Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance
ElasticSSO is an open standards-compliant cybersecurity solution, more than any competitive product in the market. It natively supports Shibboleth, SAML, Google MFA, Amazon MFA, AWS, Educause, InCommon Federation, and others.

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