Elastic SSO Team

9STAR’s Elastic SSO® Team Edition, is an enterprise-grade, turnkey, cloud software for hosting and managing enterprise user identities (IAM) and single sign-on (SSO) in AWS cloud. It is available directly from Amazon AWS Marketplace or from 9STAR.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs), SaaS developers, and enterprise IT administrators are now able to provision, host and manage user identities and authentication in the Cloud for enabling secure federated single sign-on (SSO) access to their applications. NO Active Directory or LDAP required.

Elastic SSO Team Cloud instances are purchased directly from Amazon AWS Marketplace or 9STAR and hosted in customer’s own AWS account. This way, customers have full and exclusive control over the IAM & SSO cloud instance –  great for security and compliance. Elastic SSO Team instances can be self-managed or fully-managed by 9STAR.

Improve security, privacy and compliance by hosting and managing your Identity Management (IAM) + SSO System in Amazon AWS Cloud.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Web interface for setup and configuration management.
  • Responsive UI, Login Page customization.
  • Web-based self-service user account management, password resets and userid recovery.
  • Bulk user provisioning using a Wizard style interface.
  • Ability to manage Users into Groups, as well as enabling Custom user attributes.
  • Strong security via multi-factor user authentication using Google Authenticator and Amazon Virtual MFA. Learn more…
  • Supports Shibboleth/SAML2 identity federations such as InCommon, UK federation, Edugate, Canadian Access Federation, KID Federation, Australian Access Federation, HAKA Federation, and others.
  • Vanity URL/domain (sso.mycompany.com or sso.mycampus.edu).
  • Compatible with any Shibboleth or SAML 2.0 enabled Apps.
  • Product setup, configuration and use documentation.
  • Premium technical support subscriptions.

FREE 30-day trial on AWS


  • Compliance and Governance. Elastic SSO instance and associated user data and passwords are always under the complete and exclusive control of the Customer. The instance is hosted in customer’s Private Cloud on AWS.
  • Lowers IT cost and complexity. No need to invest in expensive and complex Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure for managing identities and authentication. Elastic SSO provides a web-based easy-to-use turnkey solution for user identity provisioning, and access management.
  • Improved Productivity. Elastic SSO reduces the deployment time by nearly 75% compared to alternatives.
  • No more maintenance. Technology takes care of itself, so updates are seamless.

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