Elastic SSO Cloud Proxy

ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy is a fully-managed, cloud-hosted, SAML2 gateway service. The service acts as a gateway between SAML2 Service Providers (SP) and Identity Providers (IDP). The Proxy service is used by SaaS developers, SaaS vendors and MSPs who want to minimize downtime and disruptions associated with integration of new clients that require SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for secure access to the SaaS App. The Proxy service can also be integrated with any Shibboleth Identity Federation.

Now, instead of constantly changing and testing SAML SP configurations with each client access integration, the SaaS vendor simply connects their App (SAML SP) only once to the Elastic SSO Cloud Proxy service. The Clients of the SaaS vendor simply connect their SAML Identity Providers to the Cloud Proxy service. The SaaS App still has complete access to User and Client information that is needed for access management and control. Thus, the Proxy Service, in essence, acts as an intermediary between the SaaS App and the client’s SAML Identity Provider.



The service is designed for the cloud. It is hosted and integrated with the Amazon AWS cloud service and available in all regions of the world. We host and manage the service in SaaS vendor’s region of choice.


9STAR provides 24×7 customer service, and are reachable via tickets with a 99.9% network service-level agreement (SLA). If we fail to deliver, we will credit you back.


Maximize your Apps uptime and reliability by connecting your SaaS App (SAML SP) with ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy service. 9STAR takes care of all SAML SSO complexities with respect to integrating your clients (and their SAML Identity Providers). This reduces App downtime, disruptions, and delays.


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