9STAR’s Shibboleth Support program helps SaaS vendors, Software developers and IT Managers adopt the free open source Shibboleth SAML service provider (SP) security middleware.

9STAR, world’s leading provider of enterprise-grade, open-standards compliant, ElasticSSO software solutions, today announced commercial support for free open-source Shibboleth SAML SP middleware for SaaS developers, SaaS vendors and IT managers.

“With the launch of 9STAR’s Shibboleth SAML Service Provider (SP) Support Program, we can help SaaS vendors, software developers and IT managers deploy and integrate Shibboleth Service Provider middleware into their IT infrastructure resulting in minimized downtime and increased cost-efficient productivity,” said Vinay Kumar, Managing Director at 9STAR. “9STAR’s deep technical expertise and support provides great assurance to customers in adopting open source Shibboleth.”

9STAR’s Shibboleth SP Support program includes SLA driven packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) that meet the needs of all business sizes as well as public sector and non-profit organizations. The product is suited for a variety of sectors including: EduTech, HRTech, FinTech, Insurance Tech, E-Commerce, Aerospace, Defense, Telecom, Higher Education, and Public Sector organizations.

Benefits of using Shibboleth SP framework:

  •     Zero license fee. Free open-source software.
  •     Open-standards compliant: SAML 2.0.
  •     Robust, feature-rich and powerful.
  •     Reviewed and tested by security experts worldwide for over 15+ years.
  •     Supports all Apps on Windows/Linux OS platforms.
  •     Deploy on-premise or cloud (aws, azure), standalone or load-balanced configurations.
  •     Interoperates with most SAML identity providers in the market.
  •     Interoperates with all Shibboleth SAML Identity Federations.
  •     Interoperates with 9STAR’s ElasticSSO Cloud Proxy Service.

“As mainstream use of Shibboleth continues to grow, the availability of SLA driven Shibboleth SAML Service Provider software support becomes more important to SaaS developers, SaaS vendors and IT Managers,” said Vinay Kumar.

Adopters of open source Shibboleth SP software are now able to leverage 9STAR’s high-quality, high-value Shibboleth Support Services, to help them deploy, integrate, support and maintain their Shibboleth SAML SP infrastructure in a reliable manner.

Please visit https://9starinc.com/support for more information


About 9STAR

9STAR is a rapidly growing leading provider of enterprise-grade Identity and Access Management software solutions. The software solutions are designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and IT Managers to rapidly provision and manage IDaaS (Identity as a Service) in the cloud or on-premises. 9STAR’s software solutions are widely deployed in Education, Non-Profit, Public Sector and mid/large Enterprise markets. The company continues to lead in the marketplace by adopting open-standards in its product offerings, as well as partnering with leading MSPs and Technology Solution Providers around the world for delivering turnkey solutions and support to customers. https://9starinc.com.

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