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Currently, many IT departments from different Industries have expressed interest in expanding their network IT infrastructure to include federated single sign-on (SSO). At 9STAR, we specializes in delivering enterprise-grade end-2-end federated SSO software solutions. We have been deploying our SSO solution for 15+ years and therefore are able to deal with most complex enterprise IT environments without delays or experimentation.

We deliver our solutions on a fixed-price basis, allowing our clients to control costs year after year. As you may know, Shibboleth is the most widely-deployed, tested, open-source, and open-standards compliant secure SSO middleware in the world. It was originally developed by the United States National Science Foundation and Internet2. 9STAR leverages its Shibboleth based Elastic SSO Software to deliver an end-2-end, turnkey, SSO software solution that leverages your existing investments in Microsoft Active Directory/LDAP, Microsoft ADFS and CAS authentication infrastructure.

Our Elastic SSO software solution is widely deployed in government, education, healthcare, financial, semiconductor and energy sectors. Our solutions enable secure federated SSO access across hundreds of enterprise applications including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, O365, ServiceNow, Salesforce, WorkDay, SharePoint, and many other industry specific apps.

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So don’t wait until there is a crisis in your SSO/IT project. Act now, and collaborate with our world-class IT experts who are ready to provide your IT team with a steady hand and expert guidance. We deliver our solutions on-time and within budget. Our clients have been extremely satisfied with the support and maintenance we provide to their in-house SSO IT systems and projects. Our years of solid experience make for a quick turnaround in SSO deployment and resolving issues, resulting in a highly satisfied customer base.

Whether you need Annual Support for your existing Shibboleth/SAML/ADFS SSO systems, or are looking to upgrade and update, 9STAR is here to make your transition simple, quick, and affordable with zero downtime.

If you have any upcoming federated SSO IT project that may need additional support or expert guidance, then look no further, and Contact us for a free complimentary quote or simply send us email at sales@9starinc.com. We look forward to collaborating with you soon.

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