July 2009, AUSTIN, Texas9STAR RESEARCH announced that their flagship ActiveShareFS 2007 software solution has been deployed by the University of Connecticut as the open standards Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for their Campus Microsoft SharePoint server farm system.

ActiveShareFS 2007 is a software drop-in solution for enabling secure single sign-on and federated access in Microsoft SharePoint 2007 using open standards such as Shibboleth and SAML. SAML is the Security Assertion Markup Language.

The University of Connecticut deployed the ActiveShareFS software solution with their Microsoft SharePoint 2007 platform to enable secure seamless collaboration among thousands of students spread across the campus. The use of ActiveShareFS helps University of Connecticut achieve reduced helpdesk and SharePoint administration costs involved in creating and managing SharePoint user accounts for thousands of students. The University of Connecticut SharePoint administrators no longer have to manage user credentials and passwords for users, which helps streamline their cost and potential liabilities. In addition, students on Campus now sign-in to the UConn SharePoint 2007 sites using their local Campus provided credentials and achieve single sign-on. Improved and seamless user experience is preserved!

ActiveShareFS 2007 enables secure external authentication in SharePoint using Shibboleth and SAML standards and automatically provisions users from trusted identity providers based on configured business rules. As a result, only trusted users from trusted partner departments and organizations are provisioned and given appropriate level of access to secure parts of the SharePoint server.

ActiveShareFS 2007 is a Microsoft ASP.NET compliant drop-in software solution for enabling single sign-on and automated account provisioning in existing Microsoft SharePoint server.

ActiveShareFS 2007 is deployed worldwide in higher education, government, healthcare, energy, defense, homeland security and commercial markets helping customers achieve maximum returns on their Microsoft SharePoint investments.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Provision users automatically in SharePoint 2007 based on business rules
  • Role, Username and Entitlement based access management
  • Maps authorized users to SharePoint Groups automatically
  • Configure one or more external SAML Identity Providers for secure external authentication
  • Use Shibboleth as external authentication provider
  • Automatic synchronization of external user information with their SharePoint profiles
  • Supports browser initiated Microsoft Office Client integration and WebDAV
  • Open standards compliant solution: SAML 2 and SAML 1.1
  • No Programming Required!

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