ProtectNetwork continues to grow and expand worldwide and delivers Single Sign-On (SSO) user authentication as a managed and hosted Cloud Service.

ProtectNetwork, a cloud based e-credential management service, is available to enterprise customers for user authentication and access management, as a hosted and managed service on demand.

Identity managers and website administrators leverage the ProtectNetwork authentication service in the Cloud to provision and manage single sign-on (SSO) e-credentials for their users. It is an ideal solution for managing user authentication and access for user groups such as guests, subscribers, contractors, consultants, vendors, suppliers, members, and even employees.

ProtectNetwork e-credentials enable secure authorized logins to any website or application on the Internet that is secured using the most widely deployed and accepted open standards such as Shibboleth and SAML.

Customers choose between multiple service options depending on individual organization’s authentication and access management needs. They can use the public ProtectNetwork SSO cloud OR deploy a customized private label cloud for exclusive private use OR the deploy the service locally on-premises.

Customers are able to deploy Shibboleth/SAML compliant SSO authentication as a cloud based service using the following ProtectNetwork options:

  • ProtectNetwork Public SSO Cloud service. Hosted and managed in our DataCenter.
  • ProtectNetwork Private SSO Cloud service. Private label service. Hosted and managed in our DataCenter.
  • ProtectNetwork On-Premises Private SSO Cloud service. Hosted in Customers DataCenter.

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ProtectNetwork E-Credential Cloud services are rapidly growing worldwide with over 650+ enabled sites and is available via a growing list of Shibboleth/SAML identity federation partners such as:

  • InCommon, Internet2, USA
  • UK Federation, United Kingdom
  • CAF Federation, Canada
  • Knowledge Federation, GCC
  • SWAMI Federation, Sweden
  • LEARN Federation, Texas
  • Edugate Federation, Ireland
  • See more…

ProtectNetwork is a cost effective way to leverage the power of outsourced SSO enabled e-credentials without investing millions of dollars in deploying local IDM infrastructure and help desk operations.

Key Features and Benefits: ProtectNetwork E-Credential Management Service

  • Fully managed Cloud based secure e-credential management service
  • Secure external user authentication, Single sign-on enabled
  • Faster time to on-board partner sites for single sign-on access
  • Provision and manage Users in bulk
  • Compatible with GoogleApps, Apple Itunes, ActiveShareFS (Sharepoint), Shimla (Joomla cms) and other SAML enabled Apps
  • Secure, PKI trust based, Open standards compliant
  • Lower cost of managing user authentications and access
  • Reduced help desk costs, reduced risks and liabilities

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