9STAR delivers Elastic SSO Cloud Identity Provider Solution for Enterprise Customers.

9STAR is pleased to offer its Elastic SSO branded Shibboleth/SAML SSO Cloud Identity Provider Instances on-demand. Enterprise customers can now order one or more Identity Provider Instances in the Cloud for their exclusive use. The Identity Provider (IDP) instances can be customized on-demand with customer’s own domain, identity and SAML metadata while still hosted in the Cloud. The IDP instance can be self-managed remotely using a Web browser or fully managed by 9STAR. Users and Apps can be added anytime on-demand into the Identity Provider instance via a simple point and click web interface.

Elastic SSO Team Edition is ready to use in a matter of minutes in the Amazon AWS cloud. All you need is an Amazon AWS account to get started!

Launch Elastic SSO in AWS

No need to build, maintain and manage your own Identity Provider. Get cost savings of over 70% over five years.

  • The SSO Instances can be created and managed for the entire enterprise or for an individual department or project.
  • Fully Shibboleth/SAML2 compliant Identity Provider Instance.
  • Available in USA (mid-west, west, east), South America, EU, Singapore, and Japan regions.
  • Customized with your domain, identity and IDM (identity management) processes.
  • Web based management of the Identity Provider Instance.
  • Web based management of SAML Service Providers.
  • Web based provisioning of User Accounts including Passwords.
  • Customizable policies for User Accounts and Passwords via Web based point and click provisioning and management.
  • Web based UserID recovery and Password Resets.
  • Scalable User Account attribute management.
  • Manage your IDP instance yourself or request full service management by expert 9STAR staff.
  • The IDP instance can be provisioned in the Cloud close to your preferred physical location, in USA, EU, South America, Australia, Singapore and Japan.
  • Fast setup. Your SSO IDP Instance can be up and running in few hours
  • No more maintenance. Technology takes care of itself, so updates are seamless
  • So start your Annual Subscription Today!
  • Test Drive a demo Cloud SSO Instance today.

For more information:
Visit Website: 9STAR Elastic SSO Team
Visit Website: 9STAR Elastic SSO Enterprise

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