A new version 4.X of the Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) software is now available. It supersedes all previous versions of the Shibboleth Identity Provider (single sign-on) software including the popular version 3.X. No further security updates or bug fixes will be provided for version 3 Shibboleth Identity Provider software.

Failure to upgrade to the latest version 4.X of the Shibboleth Identity Provider software could result in users and IT staff losing access to online federated apps and learning resources following the End-of-Life date. 9STAR team advises all organizations that are currently using the Shibboleth Identity Provider software, that they upgrade to the latest Shibboleth Identity Provider software version 4.X. The new Shibboleth IdP version 4.X includes many features and enhancements that provide:

  • Improved security.
  • Ease of management and configurations.
  • Greater interoperability with 3rd party Cloud Apps and Shibboleth SAML Federations.
  • Robust support for SAML 2.0, CAS, ADFS, and OIDC.
  • Better support for MFA, including Duo.

Existing and new customers of 9STAR can request an upgrade of their Shibboleth Identity Provider infrastructure by simply signing up with one of the annual Shibboleth support and maintenance plans. 9STAR’s Shibboleth experts help reduce risk, cost, and downtime and seamlessly upgrade customers existing Shibboleth Single Sign-On infrastructure in just a few days. So hurry and get your free online complimentary quote today and get annual support coverage for your Shibboleth infrastructure.

Please contact sales@9starinc.com for guidance and additional information. In addition, 9STAR’s Elastic SSO Solution customers can request an upgrade by simply contacting their account executive or 9STAR’s technical support team directly.

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