9STAR’s flagship Elastic SSO Team software has been upgrade to version 3.0.13, and is exclusively available from the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Elastic SSO Team is a turnkey software solution that enables SAML federated single sign-on as well as provides full identity and password management capabilities. Customers can easily manage the SSO instance in the AWS cloud in a self-service manner over the Web. The SSO instance along with the associated user data is hosted in customer’s AWS account and is always in exclusive control of the customer.

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Some of the new features released in the latest version 3.0.13 of Elastic SSO Team include:

  • Ability to disable/delete users not in CSV file during bulk user import.
  • Admin can force a user to reset password (user will see standard invalid username/password message during login attempt).
  • HTML emails enabled with plaintext fallback.
  • HTTP only and secure flags set for cookies.
  • Updated base AMI to Amazon Linux 2016.03.1.
  • HVM AMIs only (EC2Classic disabled).
  • Increased memory limit to support large metadata aggregates such as the InCommon Shibboleth Higher Education Federation, UK Access Management Federation, Australian Academic Federation, and others.

Elastic SSO Team software continues to make deeper impact with the SaaS developers, as well as Enterprise and Campus IT managers by helping them manage their users and their access in a secure manner in the cloud.

Existing customers have already been notified directly by the AWS team. For additional information or for support, please visit the 9STAR Elastic SSO Team website or contact us at sales@9starinc.com or by calling +1.888.999.8934.


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