Thousands of SaaS Developers and Departmental IT Managers have adopted the Elastic SSO Team Cloud Solution on AWS for provisioning, hosting and managing their external user (customers, vendors, partners, contractors) identities and credentials in the Cloud. Elastic SSO Team on AWS provides easy to use identity management as well as federated single sign-on (SSO) access management for users as well as Apps. SaaS Developers and Enterprise customers can simply get an Amazon AWS Account and launch a free, full-featured, 30-day trial of Elastic SSO Team Identity Provider instance in minutes, it is that simple.

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Here are some key features:

  1. Elastic SSO Team on AWS is a full-featured turnkey solution that provides: hosting and management functions for user identities, user authentication, user attributes, as well as federated single sign-on.
  2. Elastic SSO Team is easy to setup and manage using a Web browser. You purchase the Elastic SSO Team instance directly from Amazon AWS and host it in your local region in one of Amazon AWS data-centers worldwide.
  3. Using Elastic SSO Team, customers can provision their user identities, account and credentials in bulk using a simple web based wizard. All passwords are always stored encrypted.
  4. There is no requirements to use an Active Directory or LDAP – this makes setup and management easy and simple. Use the Web based interface to provision users and apps for SSO authentication and access management.
  5. Users in Elastic SSO Team can also be organized into easy to manage Groups. Custom attributes for users are supported and can be released as SAML attributed to trusted applications.
  6. Self-service password resets and userid recovery features are supported. Complex custom userid and password schemes that are suitable for a specific use case can be selected by the Administrator.
  7. Elastic SSO Team is an open standards solution that fully supports Amazon AWS cloud as well as Shibboleth and SAML2 SSO standards.
  8. Unlimited number of users and apps can be integrated into Elastic SSO Team without incurring any additional cost burden. Elastic SSO Team business model is flat-fee based, customers pay for use by the hour or annual. Annual subscriptions are provided with additional 15% discount.

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