Elastic SSO Team Cloud Identity Provider Upgraded

A new version 3.0.5 of the Elastic SSO Team Shibboleth SAML Cloud Identity Provider is now available from Amazon AWS marketplace. Some of the key new features in this upgrade include:

  • App Co-branding. The login page display’s SP specific configured logo and relevant textual information on the login page each time a user authenticates on the Elastic SSO IDP. Elastic SSO administrators are now able to configure each SP with relevant textual information and a logo for displaying such information automatically on the login page with each user login.
  • Responsive UI. Elastic SSO provides a more user friendly interface on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. The Web UI auto-detects mobile devices and adapts to the UI of such smaller screen devices.
  • Analytics and Reporting. User access logs and reports can now be tracked based on a configurable timeline. Elastic SSO instances can now be configured, for compliance reasons, to retain access related analytics information only for a specified time period.

A comparison matrix of all of the different models of Elastic SSO Team IDP is available here.

You can buy and run Elastic SSO instances on Amazon AWS anytime.

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