IT Risk and Compliance

IT Risk and Compliance: Secure Single Sign-On Authorized Access for External Users

Most large and medium-sized organizations continue to face a growing number of user data and privacy regulations at the local, regional, national, and international levels. For CIO’s, IT Departments, and Chief Compliance Officers, it is imperative that their organizations stay in compliance at all times when it comes to user data, privacy, and secure authorized access.

One such issue that affects compliance is the provisioning and management of external users access. External users such as Guests, Contractors, Vendors, Partners, and Customers need to be provisioned separately from the in-house staff (and students in case of EDU organizations). Provisioning external user accounts in LDAP or Active Directory or SQL is cumbersome, hard/expensive to manage – this approach is cost-prohibitive with very low ROI, and does not guarantee secure access to appropriate network resources for such users.

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One excellent alternative is 9STAR’s Elastic SSO Team Cloud solution. It is an AWS cloud software solution that provides web-based provisioning of external users with full identity management (IdM) capabilities. It also provides SAML standard-based federated single sign-on (SSO) access for such users to authorized apps. The entire AWS instance along with the user data is always under the control and management of the IT organization.

Elastic SSO Team instance on AWS can be hosted anywhere in the world in one of Amazon AWS data-centers – huge step in compliance. There is no need to set up or manage an LDAP or SQ or Active Directory infrastructure. All external users are provisioned over the web into Elastic SSO Team instance – users can self-manage their user accounts and passwords. The IT Team can self-manage the Elastic SSO Team cloud instance using their desktop browser. Elastic SSO Team on AWS provides a complete turnkey software solution, giving customers a huge ROI, by eliminating complexity and cost.

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