ActiveShareFS (or ASFS) is a drop-in software solution for enabling SAML based secure single sign-on (SSO) access in Microsoft SharePoint servers. ASFS gets deployed on each of the front-end webservers in the SharePoint server farm as a claims/forms authentication provider.

Once ASFS is deployed, then it is configured as follows:

  • Step 1: Select one or more SharePoint WebApps that require Shibboleth/SAML based secure logins and configure them in ASFS as well as the SharePoint server.
  • Step 2: Configure one or more Shibboleth (or SAML) identity providers (IDP) or identity federations. Any number of IDP’s or federations can be configured depending on who needs access to your SharePoint. Since ASFS supports the native Shibboleth/SAML model, configuring IDP’s or federations is relatively simple and straightforward. Just drop in the Shibboleth SAML IDP (or federation) metadata file and off you go. No shell scripting or programming is required.

    In addition, no WS-Fed gateways are required to be deployed which can lead to management headache’s as well as performance issues. ActiveShareFS implements a native Shibboleth SAML solution with no WS-Fed-2-SAML transformations required.

Once these two steps are performed then you are ready to configure business rules for enabling appropriate level of access to SharePoint. Access is provided to different sets of Users from one or more IDP’s or federation(s) at each login.

Using ASFS, you are able to configure and map SAML attributes to SharePoint Roles and Groups which are configured for different levels of access to different SharePoint sites/apps. This mapping is activated each time a user logs in successfully using Shibboleth SAML. In addition, with each login, ASFS keeps each user’s SharePoint profile properties synchronized with their SAML attributes from their IDP – This is a configurable and customizable option. And almost any SAML attribute can be mapped on-the-fly to any SharePoint profile property, which provides tremendous amount of flexibility and scalability in deploying the solution.

For more information, please visit the ActiveShareFS 2010 (for SharePoint 2010 and ActiveShareFS 2007 (for SharePoint 2007) websites.

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