Microsoft SharePoint 2010 server is a great enterprise collaboration and content management platform. Large and medium size organizations have deployed SharePoint 2010 either on their premises or hosted remotely at an application service provider site.

In most cases, organizations are already making use of their existing Shibboleth/SAML based SSO (Single Sign-On) infrastructure to access a variety of online resources. Therefore they want to levarage their existing Enteprise SAML SSO infrastructure for accessing their SharePoint 2010 servers.

ActiveShareFS 2010 is the most comprehensive drop-in turnkey SAML SSO solution available in the market today. It can be deployed in your SharePoint 2010 server in less than a day and does not require any software programming.

Benefits of choosing ActiveShareFS 2010:

• Commercial off-the-shelf, drop-in SSO solution, no software dev required.
• Takes less than a day to deploy.
• No special/extra hardware needed.
• No need to manually create user accounts in SharePoint 2010, they are automatically provisioned.
• No need to use expensive/cumbersome VPN’s.
• Allows configuration of authorization rules for SAML SSO authenticated users in advance
• Allows synchronization of SharePoint user profiles with user’s SAML attributes
• Leverages forms/claims authentication capability in SharePoint 2010
• Supports Microsoft Office Client integration and MySites
• Configurable claims/attributes transformations on the fly
• Open Standards based SSO: Shibboleth/SAML standards compliant
• Native Shibboleth/SAML federation support
• Trusted by Shibboleth/SAML federations worldwide
• Trusted by enterprise customers and partners worldwide
• Proven solution in Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, and Government sectors

For more details, please visit the ActiveShareFS 2010 Product Website.

To obtain an evaluation license or to schedule a demo, please call us at +1.888.999.8934 or contact us online.

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