• Do you manage a Microsoft SharePoint 2007 server installation?
  • Are you looking to federate your Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Server?
  • Do you have external users (partners, guests, contractors, …) that you manually provision to provide access to your SharePoint server?
  • Are you worried about unauthorized access to your SharePoint 2007 server?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, then you need the world’s leading and most widely-deployed software solution –

ActiveShareFS 2007!

ActiveShareFS 2007 is the leading solution of choice by a large number of higher-educational institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies and Shibboleth/SAML federations worldwide.

ActiveShareFS 2007 software solution is a federated SSO (Single Sign-On) plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 server. Once installed on your SharePoint server, all your external users from partner institutions can log in to your SharePoint server using their home credentials (username/password). ActiveShareFS 2007 eliminates the need to manually provision users from external partner institutions by automatically provisioning users into your SharePoint server based on configured business rules.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Automatic creation of user accounts from trusted partner institutions into SharePoint 2007 based on specified business rules
  • Easy to configure business rules for automatic user provisioning from partner sites
  • Web SSO across partner institutions
  • Reduced cost of operating SharePoint 2007 servers
  • Reduced cost of managing users and helpdesk operations
  • Reduced risk of unauthorized access
  • Reduced risk of identity theft
  • Open standards compliant software solutions – Shibboleth and SAML standards
  • Compatible with MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, Win2K3, Win2K8, x32/x64

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