9STAR, provider of Industry’s first Shibboleth SAML open standards compliant cloud identity security software on the Amazon AWS Marketplace, is releasing a major software upgrade for the Elastic SSO Team software. This upgrade makes Elastic SSO (or ESSO) solution even more secure, robust, and scalable for deploying enterprise identities and single sign-on (SSO) authentication in the cloud.

Some of the specific enhancements in this release include:

  • Multiple configurations. Elastic SSO is now available in four different configurations, namely, the FREE-Tier, Basic, Standard and the Pro. See comparison chart.
  • Strong security with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Users can now use a second factor for authentication, in addition to their passwords. Elastic SSO uses Google Authenticator and Amazon Virtual MFA enabled devices for the second factor authentication. Learn more…
  • Analytics and Reporting enhancements. A more detailed view of usage data and transaction data is now available.
  • Login Page enhancements. The login page as seen during the SSO authentication process can now be completely customized to suit the branding requirements. Customization is achieved by simply uploading a custom CSS into the product.

The Elastic SSO FREE-Tier cloud instance is available from the Amazon AWS Marketplace for trial evaluation purposes.

Pricing and Availability
This new upgraded Elastic SSO software is available immediately on the Amazon AWS Marketplace. For more information on the product or pricing, please visit the Amazon AWS Marketplace website or the 9STAR Elastic SSO website.

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