February 2010, AUSTIN, Texas – 9STAR announced that their Shibboleth/SAML practice team has been selected for country wide deployment of Shibboleth based federated security solution in the GCC Region. The Shibboleth practice team at 9STAR RESEARCH is closely collaborating with the Government agencies, Healthcare institutions, Research organizations and University campuses throughout the country for coordinating country wide deployment of Shibboleth/SAML based federated security federation. As part of the deployment, Shibboleth federated security will be integrated and deployed in a multi-vendor infrastructure scenario that includes technologies and products from vendors such as Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, RedHat, JBoss, and others. Shibboleth, from Internet2, is an implementation of the SAML federated security standard.

As a result of this deployment, more than a million users throughout the country and the middle east region will be able to collaborate securely and seamlessly using their home organization provided secure user credentials. Each organizations Users will be able to use their existing single user credentials to access different remote applications, websites and portals on the network throughout the region.

Hundreds of thousands of Users in the region will be able to use the Shibboleth/SAML federated security infrastructure to securely login once, and then seamlessly access multiple network resources without re-logging. Single sign-on (SSO) will be enabled both within and outside each Users Organization network. Once signed-in using Shibboleth, users will be able to access their favorite websites and portals without registering or inputting their user credentials on each of the websites or applications. The Web application administrators on the other hand no longer will need to deal with user credential management or authentication on their servers. This reduces potential liabilities for the application administrators with respect to identity theft and mis-management and enhances user privacy.

The 9STAR Shibboleth/SAML practice team has now delivered its Federated Security Solutions and Services worldwide including the North American, EU, Asian and the GCC markets. The team continues to leverage its vast Shibboleth/SAML experience and expertise to deliver quality solutions while complying with Customer’s project, budget and time requirements.

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