9STAR’s Shibboleth Support Program helps enterprise customers upgrade their existing Shibboleth Identity Provider (IDP) opensource middleware to the latest most advanced version.


9STAR, world’s leading provider of enterprise-grade, open-standards compliant, Shibboleth opensource software solutions, today announced commercial support for Shibboleth Identity Provider middleware software version 4.0+, for customers world-wide.

“With the expansion of 9STAR’s Shibboleth Support Program, we are now able to help IT Managers, System Administrators, and Chief Information Officers in upgrading and managing their existing Shibboleth Identity Provider IT infrastructure to the latest version 4.0+ with Zero downtime,” said Vinay Kumar, Managing Director at 9STAR. “9STAR’s deep technical expertise and support provides great assurance to customers in adopting open source Shibboleth for enterprise identity (IAM) and single sign-on (SSO) access management.”

9STAR’s Shibboleth IDP Support includes SLA driven packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) that meet and exceed the needs of all business sizes as well as higher education, public sector and non-profit organizations.

Benefits of upgrading to Shibboleth IDP v4 framework:

  • Opensource middleware. Zero license fee.
  • Open-standards compliant IAM & SSO: SAML 2.0, CAS, OIDC.
  • Integrates with existing enterprise authentication infrastructure such as Active Directory, ADFS, LDAP, Kerberos, SQL, NTLM, and others.
  • Supports MFA authentication such as Cisco Duo.
  • Reviewed and tested by security experts worldwide for over 15+ years.
  • Deploys on-premise or cloud, standalone or load-balanced configurations.
  • Interoperates with 3500+ Cloud Apps in the market.
  • Interoperates with all Higher Education Shibboleth SAML Identity Federations.
  • Interoperates with 9STAR’s ElasticSSO Cloud SAML Proxy Service.

“Shibboleth opensource has been around the Industry for 20+ years, widely adopted and tested by independent security experts for robustness, and interoperability. As a result, the mainstream use of Shibboleth continues to grow worldwide across multiple Industry sectors. 9STAR has been at the forefront leading the Industry by delivering world-class, SLA-driven, Shibboleth open source software solutions,” said Vinay Kumar.

Adopters of open source Shibboleth IDP software are now able to, therefore, leverage 9STAR’s high-quality, high-value Shibboleth Support Services, to help them deploy, integrate, support and maintain their Shibboleth IT infrastructure on-premises or Cloud in a reliable and cost-effective manner.

About 9STAR
9STAR is a rapidly growing cybersecurity company, a leading provider of secure, enterprise-grade, identity and single sign-on authentication software solutions for enterprise customers. Our software solutions are Shibboleth, SAML, CAS, ADFS, OIDC opensource and open standards-compliant, and can be deployed on-premises or cloud.

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