Shimla: Deploy Shibboleth SAML SSO in your Joomla CMS Server Today!

Did you know that you can enable Shibboleth SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) access in Joomla CMS Server in few hours – and that you can integrate your Joomla CMS Server into an existing Shibboleth SAML identity federation with few configuration steps!

Joomla CMS is one of the most popular and powerful content management system in the market today. With the help of our Shimla SSO software turnkey solution, you can now deploy native Shibboleth SAML SSO in your Joomla CMS Server and achieve improved privacy and security while lowering the cost of administering your Joomla Sites.

  • Enable Shibboleth SAML SSO access for internal/external users to your Joomla site(s)
  • Leverage existing Shibboleth SAML SSO authentication system to provide access to your Joomla site(s)
  • Auto-create user accounts in Joomla based on SAML attributes
  • Enable access in Joomla using SAML attributes
  • Map SAML attributes to Joomla Groups and Roles
  • Delegate user password/account management to your Identity Provider partners
  • Native plug and play support for integrating Shibboleth SAML Identity Federations into Joomla

Best of all, Shimla software solution can be deployed by our professional SSO team on your current Joomla CMS System in just few days.

  • Trusted by leading Higher-Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Sector, Consumer, and Professional Association partners worldwide

That’s it – It is that simple.  Shimla solution pays for itself in less than three months!

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