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Shibboleth is the fastest growing open-source federated identity (IAM) and single sign-on (SSO) authentication middleware in the market today. Shibboleth supports the SAML and CAS open-standards for federated access.

We provide reliable, affordable, high-quality Services on a fixed-price basis by leveraging our team of world-class dependable Shibboleth and federated identity experts who leverage their decades of experience delivering enterprise-grade solutions to customers.

Shibboleth SAML CAS Consulting Services

  • Installation, Configuration, and Integration of Shibboleth SSO servers
  • Integration of Shibboleth with existing enterprise authentication infrastructure, such as LDAP, Active Directory, CAS, ADFS, Kerberos, NTLM, SQL, and others
  • Enabling SAML SSO authentication in existing SaaS Apps using Shibboleth
  • Integration of two-factor (2fa) and multi-factor (mfa) authentication with Shibboleth
  • Monitoring and management of Shibboleth Identity and Service Provider servers
  • Setup high-availability Shibboleth SSO servers
  • Hosted Shibboleth via Elastic SSO Enterprise Cloud and Elastic SSO Team

Shibboleth Identity Federation Management Services

  • Creating and Managing Shibboleth Identity Federation
  • Managing Shibboleth SAML federation metadata
  • Development and management of the federation portal
  • Develop and manage federation participation policies and best practices
  • Develop and manage access management policies and best practices
  • Identity federation support services

Shibboleth SAML CAS Support Services


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