Secure Remote Access to SharePoint using Shibboleth SAML Single Sign-On

Do you have internal users (staff, students) that require access to your enterprise SharePoint server when they are outside the enterprise network?

Do you have external users (partners, customers, vendors) who require access to your enterprise SharePoint server?

Have you been told that such an access model can be implemented only by the use of expensive and cumbersome VPNs?

If this sounds like your use case then you are in luck.

Technology has evolved to a new level now. Access to SharePoint for the above-mentioned use cases can be enabled without:

  • Requiring end-users to download, install, configure and use VPN client software on their device.
  • Incurring expenses and headaches supporting VPN servers, software, and licenses.

Using ElasticSSO software solution, which is deployed only on the SharePoint servers, end-users now securely access the SharePoint server using the web browser. All communication between the end user’s device and the servers is encrypted and signed via strong PKI/HTTPS/SSL security through the web browser.

In addition, VPN provides secure access to your internal corporate network and not necessarily to specific enterprise apps. The technology that powers ElasticSSO provides fine-grained secure authorized access to specific parts of individual apps, so it is a lot more flexible and powerful.

For more information please visit the ElasticSSO website.

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