Azure & ADFS SSO Services

As is well known, Microsoft applications are tightly integrated with each other to provide a good user experience on the Microsoft platform. From the federated access point of view, Microsoft’s Azure and Active Directory Federation Service (or ADFS) can be used to enable SSO access to popular Microsoft Apps such as SharePoint, Exchange, CRM Dynamics, Office 365, and others. ADFS supports the WS-Federation standard which is used for tight SSO integration with Microsoft applications. Most Microsoft applications in turn support the WS-Fed protocol standards for federated SSO authentication. 9STAR’s expert SSO team provides quality and reliable deployment and support services for Microsoft Azure and ADFS. For Microsoft Windows centric organizations, Azure and ADFS can be an option for deploying federated SSO across all Microsoft apps. For non-Microsoft centric organizations, ADFS can provide a proxy bridge between Shibboleth/SAML SSO and ADFS thereby enabling end-2-end federated SSO across all apps (both Microsoft Apps as well as Non-Microsoft Apps).

ADFS Consulting Services

  • Setup ADFS On-Premises – standalone or load-balanced.
  • Setup ADFS in AWS/Azure – standalone or load-balanced.
  • Federated SSO access to Office 365.
  • Federated SSO access to SharePoint 2013.
  • Federated SSO access to Exchange and OWA.
  • Federated SSO access to CRM Dynamics.
  • Integration of ADFS with Shibboleth Infrastructure.
  • Integration of ADFS with Elastic SSO Shibboleth SAML CAS Infrastructure.
  • Integration with Azure MFA (Multi-factor Authentication).
  • Migration and Upgrade of ADFS.
  • Premium Annual Support and Maintenance Plans.

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